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ISYSS gallery


ISYSS is one of the newest and hottest of the girl groups out now. You may know them from their hits "Day and Night" featuring Jadakiss or the ballad "Single For The Rest Of My Life". With production by Billy Moss, Kevin "Shek'spere" Briggs, and Tyrice Johnes, ISYSS combines hot hip-hop beats with soulful melodies as you have heard in their debut album "The Way We Do" bringing us a hot album that we can't take out of our cd players.

November 14, 2005: Letecia is the model girl in the new One Chance video. Once Chance is a new male R&B group on Usher's new label, vote for their video on 106&Park.
October 23, 2005: Lamyia is in this months issue of King Magazine, she says ISYSS is broken up, but she is with the group Bad Girls that are coming out next year. As for the other girls i'm not sure what their up to.
September 15, 2005: I just heard news from LPJ Entertainment that ISYSS broke up a couple months ago, I'm not positive, but they've been gone and with no actual record label for 2 years now.
June 22,2005: Theres a new ISYSS pic on the left. From left to right- Lamyia, Letecia, Love, and Quierra
June 7, 2005: ISYSS did a new photo shoot and i'll have a new pic up soon. Also ISYSS has a new song called Infatuation. Their 2nd album is due out this fall.
June 6, 2005: Meagan Good said on her message board that ISYSS is still together and is recorded in Atlanta finishing up their 2nd album. They also have a new member her name is Love
January 3, 2005: ISYSS recently played basketball with B2k members J boog and Lil fizz, and other celebrities at Glasgo High School in Delaware, for the Duffy's Hope fundraiser
December 30, 2004: ISYSS appears on Mark Morrisons new album "Innocent Man" on track 11 called "Time to creep"
October 2,2004: Go to and click on th banner at the top to get to the video library to see a clip of ISYSS, ISYSS appears on Kalifams new album "How we do" on track 12 called "Callin"
June 11, 2004: ISYSS are off Arista and switching to a new label, they hope to release a new cd by the end of this year
June 10, 2004: Ardena is no longer part of ISYSS

ISYSS fact:
ISYSS have toured in Greece, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, London, Canada, and Turkey

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